How does an appointment work?
Complete the intake form
Short conversation about complaints and expectations
Measurement of the mandible
Measurement of the back
How long does an appointment take?
An appointment lasts about 30 minutes and is painless
Which measurements / scans are performed?
Digital 3D occlusion scanner
With this device we measure the exact position of the lower jaw opposite the upper jaw
Digital 3D spine scanner
With this device we measure the shape of the spine, the position of the pelvis, the pressure points under the feet and the center of gravity of the body
Digital 3D denture scanner
With this device we make a digitized image of the teeth.
Can a club / team / company make an appointment?
Yes of course, you can contact us with your club ./ team / company to have measurements carried out
What are the follow-up steps after the measurement and analysis?
Discuss the analysis with your doctor or dentist who will then draw up a treatment proposal together with you.
What are dental tooth braces ?
Dental tooth braces are dental prostheses that are made to measure for the patient. Depending on the treatment, they can have different forms.
What if I lose my mouthpiece?
We can reuse your digital information and make a new mouthpiece for you in the very short term (a few days)
Can I continue to use my mouthpiece after a dental intervention?
In this case we will have to perform a new measurement to make a new mouthpiece